NT Certification Process Overview

Important Message
Please note that at this time, there are significant delays in receiving images via post. If you are able to submit your images electronically we strongly recommend you do this. If you still need to post your images to us, we suggest using a tracking number so they can be easily followed up. 


There are two requirements for the certification process:

  1. Successful completion of the Australian Nuchal Translucency Online Theoretical Course(NTOLP).
  2. Submission of 3 Nuchal Translucency images demonstrating the practitioner's ability to comprehensively measure the Nuchal Translucency. For details of submission see image submission requirements.

The practical assessment / exam has been discontinued.

All practitioners following the process above must fill out a  Registration Form Australian NT Program and send it to the program, along with a copy of their NTOLP certificate of completion. This can be sent at the same time as the submission of logbook images or before. 

Logbook images must be submitted within 1 year of completion of the NTOLP. Please note that if you completed the NTOLP over 1 year ago and still have not submitted your logbook images for assessment, you will need to complete it again. All operators who have completed the NTOLP previously must contact the NT program via email to request their login details be reset. This will ensure their certificate saves with the most recent date.   

Certified Operators

Operators certified with the NTUEMP are added to the FMF software license for a registered centre at the request of the centre contact person, preferably in writing to [email protected]

Certified operators who wish to register a new centre must complete the online Centre Registration Form.

In either case, newly certified operators must read through the Terms and Conditions for use of FMF Software, sign the Terms and Conditions Acknowledgment Form and submit their form to [email protected]

Individuals not certified with the NTUEMP can also register a new centre but must have certified operators listed on their software license. The contact person registering a new centre must also sign the Terms & Conditions Acknowledgement form.

Please refer to Continuing Audit for ongoing re-certification requirements.

Operators Certified Overseas for NT

Operators who have been certified for Nuchal Translucency (NT) and scanning in other countries are required to provide evidence of their NT certification and their recent audit history (from the past year) if they wish to scan in Australia.

Operators certified overseas should not use their UK FMF license or the FMF software in Australia. Instead, they should contact the program to provide evidence of their NT certification (as above) to the Australian program.

Please call the program for further clarification.


Operators who have been away from scanning for two or more years, or have not been using the FMF software, can follow the below process to recertify and be added on to a centre license key:

  1. Re-read the NTOLP and submit an updated certificate. All operators who have completed the NTOLP previously must contact the NT program via email to request their login details be reset. This will ensure their certificate saves with the most recent date. Please DO NOT re-purchase the NTOLP if you have already studied it in the past.    
  2. Ask the centre contact to email the NT program requesting the recertified operator be added to their centre license key.
  3. Once added, the recertified operator is placed on a 6 month license and a short audit is performed at the end of this time to monitor performance.

Operators who completed the paper based version of the NT theory course prior to the introduction of the NTOLP in 2009 are required to make the one off NTOLP payment to recertify.

NB, UAPI and DV certification

Please see below for further information regarding NB, UAPI and DV certification. 

NB certification

UAPI certification

DV certification