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Certification for the Assessment of Uterine Artery Pulsatility Index (UAPI)

NEW Please note that as of 16 February 2017, NT and NB certification are no longer required when applying for Uterine Artery Pulsatility Index certification.
Please contact the NT program if you would like to certify for UAPI only so that we may advise you of the software options available for this certification.

Below are the requirements for Uterine Artery Pulsatility Index Certification:

  • Completion of the UAPI Online Learning Program – elearning.nuchaltrans.edu.au Submission of the certificate you can save on finishing the course must be emailed with 3 electronic logbook images.
  • Submission of an electronic logbook containing 3 images of the Doppler assessment of the Uterine Arteries that demonstrate colour flow mapping and waveforms of the uterine artery at 11 – 13 weeks gestation.
  • Images should be from 3 different patients at 11–13 weeks gestation and should represent the Operators most recent work (see Image Submission Requirements below).
  • Operators are required to participate in the audit requirements for re-certification of UAPI by submitting 1 image with their annual audit demonstrating colour flow mapping and waveforms of the uterine artery at 11 – 13 weeks gestation.
  • Label image UAPI or in a PowerPoint file UAPI with the operator ID.
  • A one-off fee of $A108.00 (inclusive of GST) to cover the costs for Assessors and administration is charged for initial UAPI certification. Payment is made through the online payment portal, see link below.

Logbook images must be submitted within 1 year of completion of the UAPI Online Learning Program. Please note that if you completed the course over 1 year ago and still have not submitted your logbook images for assessment, you will need to complete it again. All operators who have completed the UAPI Online Learning Program previously must contact the NT program via email to request their login details be reset. This will ensure their certificate saves with the most recent date.

See link below for the criteria and scoring method that will be used in the assessment of UAPI images.

More detailed information about certification for UAPI can be seen below in the link to the protocols document

To make a submission of UAPI images for certification:

  1. Submit 3 images as specified in the image submission requirements (see below). Electronic submission of images is mandatory, the program will not accept images in paper format.
  2. Payment via the online form here.


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