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Logbook Image Submission Requirements

These requirements are in addition to those mentioned in the regulations for the measuring of Nuchal Translucency, the 11-14 week scan.

  • De-identify all hard copy images.
  • Using scissors cut out the patient’s name and site of scan (blocking out details with texta is not appropriate)
  • Date and time scan was performed to remain on image.
  • Logbook images must be submitted within 1 year of completion of the NTOLP. Please note that if you completed the NTOLP over 1 year ago and still have not submitted your logbook images for assessment, you will need to complete it again. All operators who have completed the NTOLP previously must contact the NT program via email to request their login details be reset. This will ensure their certificate saves with the most recent date.
  • Each image is to be from a different fetus.
  • Please follow the instructions for your images as specified below depending on the medium you are using for your submission.
  • If these requirements are not met, further images will be requested.


For Submission via Email (preferred method):

  • In the interests of unbiased assessment, it is preferable that assessors do not have access to patient information or the location of the scan. You can use a Photoshop program or Microsoft Paint to black out / erase the patient’s name and the centre where the scan was performed
  • Save de-identified images as Image1.jpg, Image2.jpg and Image3.jpg
  • Import images to a PowerPoint file
  • Save the document as <your name>.ppt. We will rename the file before sending to the assessor to ensure anonymity
  • Email your file to nuchaltrans@ranzcog.edu.au


For Hardcopy Submission

  • Affix hard copy images on to a plain (not letterhead) A4 sheet of paper and number them
  • Please put your name at the top of the sheet in pencil.